Buckeye Legends Headline 5th Annual Sports Spectacular

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 14, 2018

Urban Meyer, JT Barrett and many more Buckeyes headline the Midwest Sports Spectacular in Columbus, Ohio. The 5th Annual Midwest Sports Spectacular is expected to draw thousands of memorabilia collectors and fans from across the Midwest. The show is January 19th-21st and will be held in Cardinal Hall at the Ohio State Fair Grounds and Expo Center, 717 E. 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211.

Headlining the 2018 Sports Spectacular is Urban Meyer whose proceeds from tickets sold will go to The Urban & Shelly Meyer Family Foundation and The Driven Foundation, JT Barrett, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and the 1968 Champion Ohio State football team. The three-day sports memorabilia show will also feature AJ Green, Tony Dorsett, Joey Bosa, Eddie George, Archie Griffin and many other Ohio State football legends. The show kicks off Friday from 3pm-8pm EST with free admission. Doors are open from 9am-7pm on Saturday and 9am – 5pm, Sunday. The public can purchase a weekend pass for $10 for access the entire weekend. Parking for this event will cost $5 for each entry. 97.1 The Fan will sponsor multiple free autograph guests on each day of the show.

Friday night’s autograph line-up begins at 6pm with Michael Irvin, Antoine Winfield and other athletes to follow. Friday’s admission is free, but in order to obtain an autograph you must purchase an autograph ticket. Autograph tickets will be available at the door or you can preorder tickets online at www.ohiosportsgroup.com. Saturday boasts a huge line-up of stars including Urban Meyer whose proceeds from tickets sold will go to The Urban & Shelly Meyer Family Foundation and The Driven Foundation, Emmitt Smith, AJ Green, Tony Dorsett and many more athletes. The fun continues Sunday with autograph signing appearances by JT Barrett, Joey Bosa and Heisman Trophy Winners Archie Griffin, Troy Smith and Eddie George. Photo Ops with all athletes can be purchased in addition to an autograph. The three-day memorabilia show boasts over seventy autograph guests.

The Midwest Sports Spectacular will also provide on-site PSA/DNA & JSA Authentication. PSA/DNA and JSA experts will be authenticating items on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fans can bring any autographed item to the show to be reviewed and authenticated. Fees will be charged for authentication. The 75,000-square-foot dealer room will have over 150 memorabilia dealers of vintage and current sports memorabilia from across the country. Emmitt Smith will speak at 10:30am on Saturday about his new authentication company, Prova Authentication. There will be an on-site/online auction benefiting Buckeye Cruise for Cancer. The sports memorabilia auction can be accessed at www.ohiosportsauctions.com, if you cannot attend the show. If you would like signed items, but cannot attend, you can order finished products at www.ohiosportsgroup.com.

The 2018 Midwest Sports Spectacular is Presented by: Byers Auto, Ohio Sports Group, Sports Collectibles, Roosters, 97.1 The Fan and Buckeye Cruise for Cancer. Come out and meet your favorite athletes at the 5th Annual Midwest Sports Spectacular.

Fans can purchase tickets upon arrival at the show or they can pre-order tickets for the signings at www.ohiosportsgroup.com or by calling 800-793-9793.

Sports Collectibles

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Tennis requires a level of skill, talent, endurance and sheer competitive will power that few other sports can lay claim to. A successful player must execute a variety of shots during a variety of different scenarios. They must strategize against an opponent. They must beat the net. And, most impressively, they can never wear down, either physically or mentally.
Even among the professional ranks, only a select few have achieved the status of champion. Those that do, however, are legend. Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova and several others have dazzled audiences with their superb play, and will be remembered as legends of the game forever.
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Hockey Stars


Standing small at just 5’8” – left-shooting Martin S. Louis had a tough time getting a ticket to the NHL dance although he had a great college career with the University of Vermont Catamounts. He was a top scorer in NCAA hockey where he made ECAC First Team All-Star and NCAA All-American for the first three seasons. Now, his legendary play with the Tampa Bay Lightning has made a Martin St. Louis autograph a hot item among collectors and fans alike. His NHL signed equipment and photographs are some of the best-selling articles of Lightning memorabilia.
An undrafted player, the fast-skating right wing played over 1,000 games and scored 1,000 points in an NHL career that began with the Calgary Flames in 1998 and ended with the New York Rangers in 2015.He played for with the Tampa Bay Lightning from 2000-2014, and won the Stanley Cup championship 2004. He is a six-time All-Star and won numerous prestigious awards.
After a slow start in the NHL, he a terrific season in 2002–03, finishing fourth on the Lightning in scoring with 70 points and 33 goals, and being selected to his first NHL All-Star Game. He won the Art Ross Trophy and led the Stanley Cup Playoffs with 24 post-season points in 23 games. He won several other awards including the Lester B. Pearson Award as the NHL’s most valuable player (elected by players) and the Hart Memorial Trophy as the league’s MVP.
The 2006–07 season was his best offensive year as he scored 102 points. He played in his 500th career game on February 9, 2007, against the New York Rangers and after becoming the first Lightning player to appear in three All-Star Games. The next year St. Louis led the Lightning with 30 goals and 50 assists, and in 2009-10, he finished fifth in the NHL with 94 points.
Check out our great collection of autographed NHL memorabilia, signed by Martin St. Louis and certified. Here are a few nice items, and the list continues on subsequent pages.


Alex Killorn is a big (6’2”), left-shooting center who plays for the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning (Bolts). His autographed hockey collectibles are amongst our best-selling Bolts memorabilia, so much so that we have few of his authenticated items left right now but are re-filling stock soon.
During the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs Killorn had a successful post season run with the Tampa Bay Lightning, helping them reach the Stanley Cup Final against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Lightning ended up falling to the Blackhawks in six games.
Despite the loss, Killorn had a strong post season for the team, and also posted several records for former players from Harvard. Killorn’s 2015 postseason scoring totals which were 9 goals and 9 assists for a total of 18 points are all post season records among the twelve Harvard alumni who have played in the NHL postseason.
In October of 2015, Killorn recorded his 100th career NHL point in a 6-3 Lightning win over the Boston Bruins, and that year he also played his 200th career NHL game.
In the 2016 off-season, Killorn signed a $31 million contract with the Lightning worth $6 million per year. In 2016, Killorn nailed 14 goals and 40 points. Killorn also played in 17 Stanley Cup Playoff games in 2016, scoring five goals and 8 assists. Killorn has spent his entire NHL career with the Lightning, scoring 53 goals and 138 points to date. Killorn’s biggest impact has come during the playoffs, where he has recorded 33 points in 47 games
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For anyone who collects authentic sports memorabilia either as a financial investment or for the simple joy of having a signed 8” x 10” Carson Wentz signed photograph hanging on their wall, now is the time to take a look at Wentz and perhaps double your investment within a couple of years.
Even a cursory look at his accomplishments paints a picture of a star being born. He has the most pass completions by a rookie quarterback ever, the best record for a Philadelphia Eagles first-year quarterback, and has put the Eagles at the top of the NFC East in 2017 with an 8-1 record through week 9. His MVP run looks pretty good right now in 2017.
Carson Wentz is picking up in the NFL where he left off in NCAA football, playing stellar football as quarterback for North Dakota State University where the team won five NCAA FCS national championships while Wentz was there.
The big quarterback – standing 6’5” and carrying a sturdy 235 pounds — is as good as any QB in the NFL, according to some veteran players. In a quote from nj.com, Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount, who has shared backfields with Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger during his time with the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers, said he believes that Wentz’s skill-set includes the best attributes of both Roethlisberger and Brady.
“He can make the same plays as those guys can make,” Blount said.
After playing 9 games in 2017 so far, it appears to many observers that Carson Wentz is one of the top three players in the running for the NFL MVP award, and with his popularity soaring, a Carson Wentz autograph on a certified photo or item of football gear is a great display for your hallway or man-cave, and is also a great investment, as Wentz will only improve with time.
Check out our preeminent collection of authenticated Carson Wentz collectibles, such as an Autographed & Framed, 16” x 20” Photo showing the first NFL touchdown pass by Carson Wentz. By Photograph Fanatics — Certified Authentic


Gerry “Cheesey” Cheevers is a Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender and one of the first bonafide “stars” of professional hockey. His rock-n-roll style of play, his originality and his style are ingrained in all of his autographed collectibles. From his famous “stitched mask,” which became his trademark, to his playing style of “filling up the net” in a butterfly fashion, Cheesey Cheevers is a one-of-a-kind player and a much-desired signature among collectors and Boston Bruins fans alike.
Although he played in a few leagues (NHL, AHL and WHL) and with a couple of teams, it was with the legendary Bruins that he made his mark, helping them win two Stanley Cups, the first in 1970 and the second in 1972, which is the year that he was undefeated in 32 consecutive games, a NHL record that still stands. Cheevers was not afraid to stray from the crease to cut down the shooter’s angle, and was aggressive with opposing players who went into or near the crease, often smacking them with his stick as if to say, “get out! This is my house!”
Gerry Cheevers tended goal whit his whole body and mind. He frequently played on his his knees or his side. He brought into vogue the “flopping style” of goaltending that has often been imitated but never duplicated.
Cheevers was inspired to create his distinctive stitch-pattern mask when a puck hit him in the face during practice. Cheevers went to the locker room where “Frosty” Forristall, the team trainer, drew a stitch mark on his mask, which amused the team. After that day, any time he was hit in the face, he would draw a new stitch-mark drawn on the mask.
Today, even young hockey fans who never saw Cheevers play know about his famous “Stitch Mask.” What they may not know is that he used to drink beer and smoke cigarettes in the locker room! Like I said, a rock-n-roller.
Take a look at the “Stitch Mask” and other Gerry Cheevers autographed NHL equipment and collectibles like the three below and then on our subsequent web pages.

The Arizona Cardinals were founded as the Morgan Athletic Club in Chicago in 1898, and they are the oldest professional football team in the U.S. They are based in Phoenix, AZ, and are part of the NFL in the NFC West division. The Cardinals now play their home games at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ. Prior to moving to Glendale in the 1988 season, the team played in Tempe, AZ, where they had moved to from St. Louis, MI, where they played from 1960 to 1988. From 1988 to 2006, they played home games at Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Stadium.
We have a great collection of authentic Arizona Cardinals signed and unsigned memorabilia including Larry Fitzgerald autographs, Carson Palmer signatures and Patrick Peterson autographed memorabilia.
Check in often to our Arizona Cardinals vault as our inventory is growing daily with new items signed by Arizona rookies, former players and active team players. Coach Bruce Arians has signed for our company in the off-season and we have signed memorabilia from former coaches too.
For the holidays or birthdays, we have a nice collection of unsigned mini helmets and full size helmets, which are always popular. Autographed Cardinals jerseys are a great addition to any man cave or trophy hallway.
When your friends come over, you can fill them in with these interesting facts about the oldest continuous team in professional football. As some back history, the team has won two NFL championships, both while it was based in Chicago. The first was in 1925 but was contested by observers. Their second championship was won in 1947, which was almost 20 years prior to the first-ever NFL Super Bowl. They have not won a championship since, which is one of the longest non-winning periods in all of professional sports. Nonetheless, the Cardinals field a good team every year lately and will soon return to the championship playoffs and hopefully a Super Bowl victory. And although they have not won a Super Bowl, they have been in the playoffs numerous times in recent history.
They have been to the playoffs 10 times and have won seven playoff games, three coming during their 2008–09 NFL playoff run. That year, they won their only NFC Championship Game since the 1970 AFL–NFL merger, and reached Super Bowl XLIII, which they lost to the Steelers. They also won five division titles since 1974, including three in the 2000s era.
Their head coach is Bruce Arians (2017) and the owner is Bill Bidwill. The franchise has a stellar group of players ranging from Carson Palmer at quarterback, to the legendary Adrian Peterson at running back.
The Cardinals have garnered the 12th pick in the upcoming 2018 draft, where they will likely look for a wide receiver or a backup runner to Adrian Peterson. Take a look at these great Arizona Cardinals officially licensed NFL memorabilia below. These are some of the favorite gifts of Cardinals fans.

It is a perfect time to support your Atlanta Falcons team as they play their last 3 games of 2017 in December, with the home games being played in the prestigious and brand-spanking new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. As it stands on this day, December 12, 2017, the great Atlanta Falcons are geared up for a Super Bowl run that may surprise the hell out of their rivals.
As of this writeup, the Falcons are 8-5 with three regular season games to play against the Bucs, Saints and the Panthers. If they win 2 of 3 games, they may be in the playoffs as a Wild-Card, if not the division champs, depending on what the two teams with 9-4 records do in December. Either way, the defending champs are continuing in their winning ways are will only get better with time. Now is the time to buy some great Falcons memorabilia.
We have new collectibles for the 2017 NFL season including Julio Jones and Matt Ryan authentic memorabilia. We also carry an extensive collection of retired Atlanta Falcon’s greats.
On the bottom of the page you will find unsigned memorabilia also.
Unsigned mini-helmets and full-size helmets are some of our best selling
collectibles as holiday gifts. The Falcons won the NFC South division
conference in 2016, rolling to victories behind their record-setting
offense. Atlanta has always been a major hub for sports memorabilia collectors, and there is no better time to invest in authentic Atlanta Falcons merchandise licensed by the NFL.
Falcons fans know that their Falcons can get back into the playoffs in 2017. Star quarterback Matt Ryan returns for another season under center for Atlanta and has one of the best wide receivers in the NFL to throw to in Julio Jones. The former Alabama star, Jones, has been one the most productive receivers since entering the league in 2011.
But for Atlanta’s offense to be successful in 2017, they will need a
lot of production from running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman.

In addition, veteran defensive end Dwight Freeney returns and if Vic
Beasley improves in his second year, this group could be bullish on
opposing teams. Cornerback Desmond Trufant was the lone Pro Bowl selection on defense and the Falcons will look for more from second-year cornerback Jalen Collins. So far, the NFC South has been an outstanding division to follow.
Come see our vault full of Atlanta Falcons signed and unsigned NFL collectibles. We have Atlanta Falcons signed football, jerseys and other equipment that are shipped free. Our loaded Falcons inventory includes
signatures from all 53 active players and all the Atlanta Falcons legends.
In closing, the Atlanta Falcons are a professional American football team based in Atlanta. The Falcons compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league’s National Football Conference, South division.

Welcome Ravens faithful! New for the NFL season we have hundreds of brand new authentic memorabilia signed by Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis and the rest of the Baltimore Ravens. We have an extensive collection of Baltimore Raven greats, and on the bottom of the page you will find unsigned memorabilia also. Unsigned mini-helmets and full-size helmets are welcome gifts and some of our biggest sellers around the holidays.
The Baltimore Ravens are a professional American football team based in Baltimore, Maryland, and they entered the NFL in 1996 as an expansion team. The Ravens compete in the AFC North division of the NFL. Their head coach is John Harbaugh, and the team plays home games at M&T Bank Stadium.
The Ravens won NFL championships in 2001 and 2013, and have been in the playoffs 10 times since their inception in 1996. They were Conference champions of the AFC in 2000 and 2012, the years they won the Super Bowl. They were Division championships of the AFC North four times in 2003, 2006, 2011 and 2012.
They are led on offense by 6’6” super quarterback Joe Flacco and wide receiver Mike Wallace, and on defense by linebacker Terrell Suggs.
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Circle the Wagons, Bills fans! For the 2017 season we have authentic memorabilia from star wide receiver Sammy Watkins, All-American running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy, Kelvin Benjamin and more Bills greats both current players and former stars.
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The Buffalo Bills are a professional American football team based in the Buffalo metropolitan area. The Bills play in the NFL in the AFL East division. Their home games are played at New Era Field in Orchard Park (Buffalo) NY, and the team is currently coached by Sean McDermott.
As of this writing (2017), the Bills are 7-6 with three regular season games remaining, two against the Miami Dolphins, and one with the NE Patriots.
Their offensive line remains the strongest piece of the Bills’ lineup, with guard Richie Incognito, guard John Miller, and Eric Wood between them. In addition, Ryan Groy adds depth and speed to the front line.
Former star players for the Buffalo Bills include greats like Jim Kelly, who led the Bills to a record four straight Super Bowl victories and is now in the Hall of Fame, All-American wide receiver Ahmad Rashad and Hall of Famers Andre Reed and Bruce Smith. Tough to forget O.J. Simpson blazing down the field back when they didn’t wear gloves.
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Jeremy Roenick is a retired NHL center who played for the Chicago Blackhawks, and in his 18-year NHL career, he also skated for the San Jose Sharks, the Philadelphia Flyers, the Phoenix Coyotes and the Los Angeles Kings. He played for Team USA in several tournaments, and he is one of only three American-born NHL players to score 500 goals in his career.
And what a career he had. Beginning when he was 14, Jeremy Roenick flew weekly from Virginia where he lived to New Jersey to play hockey for the Bantam League team, the New Jersey Rockets. He set hockey records at ages 14-15, and led the Rockets to the state championship, scoring 300 points in only 75 games in the season.
Shortly thereafter, Roenick was drafted out of high school by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft. I mean, wow – out of high school!
Jeremy Roenick went on to an NHL career that included numerous Stanley Cup playoff scoring records for the Blackhawks during the early 1990s, including leading the Blackhawks with 53 goals and 50 assists in 1991-92. That was the second year he was voted to the NHL All-Star Game. In 1993–94, Roenick again led his team with 46 goals, a career-high 61 assists, 107 points, a record 24 power-play goals.
He was traded to the Phoenix Coyotes in 1996 and immediately led the team in scoring, nailing 34 goals and 44 assists. He also played in his sixth All-Star Game. In 2000–01, Roenick led the Coyotes with 30 goals and 76 points.
Although he helped every team he played with to reach the playoffs, Roenick never held a Stanley Cup in his hands. On August 6, 2009, this outstanding hockey player retired from the NHL. He finished his career with 513 goals and 703 assists.
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Jerome Iginla is a professional hockey veteran who most recently played right wing for the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. He also played for the Calgary Flames, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins and Colorado Avalanche. As of this date, December 13, 2017, he is an unsigned free agent. He has played more than 20 seasons in the NHL but wants to play more. He just needs a team. And a Stanley Cup. Iginla went to the Stanley Cup Final with the Flames in 2004, but the Calgary Flames lost in seven games to the Tampa Bay Lightning. No cigar.
His goal – no pun intended – is to join a team that is on a Stanley Cup march in 2017-18 and contribute offense to seal the Cup deal. We will see if he is taken by any winners who need a sharp-shooting right wing who can also play left wing or even center if need arises.
Even at 40, any NHL team would be fortunate to have this experienced, goal-shooting, play-making forward on the ice for at least one period per game.
A six-time All-Star, Iginla is the Flames’ leader all-time in goals and points, and is second in assists. Iginla is one of seven players in NHL history to score 30 goals in 11 consecutive seasons. He also is one of only 19 NHL players to ever score 600 goals, and one of only 34 players to score 1,300 points.
He just finished a $16 million contract with the Colorado Avalanche, although they Iginla traded him to the LA Kings in March of 2017. He currently is in third place of active players scoring totals, with 625 goals and 675 assists in 1,554 games. In a great year (2001–02) he led the NHL in goals and assists, and points scored, for which he deservedly won the Lester B. Pearson Award for league MVP as voted by players. Again in 2003–04, Iginla led the league in goals, and also led the Flames to the Stanley Cup Finals, where he scored the most playoff goals.
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The University of Michigan Wolverines play college football in the NCAA Division I (East) of the Big Ten Conference. Their head coach as of this writing (2017) is Jim Harbaugh. They play their home games in historic Michigan Stadium, built in 1927 and located in Ann Arbor, MI. Speaking of historic, sportscollectibles.com has a storied collection of autographed and certified Michigan football memorabilia, in addition to licensed and brand-new collectibles that are not autographed. See them all at the end of this profile and on subsequent pages.
From 1900 to 1989, Michigan had nine head coaches who are all in the College Football Hall of Fame. Former head coach Fielding Yost (1901-1905) won a streak of 56 straight games including a win in the 1902 Rose Bowl, the first college football bowl game ever played.
The Michigan Wolverines have won or shared 42 league titles, and since the beginning of the AP Poll (1936), has finished in the top 10 a total of 38 times. The Wolverines have 11 national championships, with 1997 being the most recent.
Under coach Jim Harbaugh since 2015, the Wolverines have posted a season record of 10-3 both years (2015-16) and are 5-4 in 2017 so far.
Michigan has had a total of 81 players who were voted College Football All-Americans, and three Heisman Trophy winners.
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Nikita Kucherov is one of the outstanding linemen of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, playing right wing, shooting left-handed, and playing seamlessly as a high-scoring extension of center Steven Stamkos.
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Prior to being drafted by the Lightning in the 2011 entry draft, Kucherov played for CSKA Moscow of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). After being drafted in played in the junior league to learn the style of American hockey.
During the 2014–15 NHL season, Kucherov had a breakout season with the “Bolts.” He scored 29 goals and had 36 assists. He also tied for the NHL lead in plus-minus with a +38 rating, which set the Lightning single season record.
The following year (2016), Nikita Kucherov was re-signed to a three-year contract worth almost $15 million. He promptly went on a tear to lead the team with 66 points and 30 goals. He was second on the team in shots on goal with 209. He also had 19 multi-point games and led the team in power-play goals scored. Kucherov played in 17 Stanley Cup playoff games, where he scored 19 points with 11 goals, which led the Lightning. He was named to the 2016 and 2017 All-Star Teams.
This season (2017-18), Nikita Kucherov has had one of the hottest starts in recent hockey memory as the Tampa Bay Lightning push for a Stanley Cup win.
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Tyler Johnson is a right-shooting center for the Tampa Bay Lightning (“Bolts”), and is part of the feared second front line of the “Bolts” team. He is a huge cog in the wheel of a team that will likely be in the Stanley Cup playoffs this year (2017) and hopefully win it.
From 2005-2011, Tyler Johnson played for the Spokane Chiefs of the Western Hockey League. In his last year (2010-11), he led the WHL in goals and was 2nd in total points. He was voted Top Defensive Forward, Best Skater and Top Face Off Player.
Yet in 2011, he went undrafted despite all of his accolades including winning the Memorial Cup in 2008 with the Chiefs, winning a gold medal with the United States in the 2010 World Junior Championships, and being named the WHL’s playoff MVP. Johnson eventually signed a three-year entry contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning in March 2011. Observers said that Johnson’s small size (5’8”) is why wasn’t drafted.
After signing with the “Bolts,” Johnson played in the American Hockey League (AHL) with a Lightning affiliate, the Syracuse Crunch from 2011 until the Lightning called him up in March of 2013, when he had a decent first partial year.
However, in the breakout 2014-15 season, Johnson had 29 goals and 43 assists for a total of 72 points.
In 2017, Johnson signed a $35 million contract extension with the Lightning, worth about $5 million per annum. Also in 2017, Johnson recorded his 95th goal for the Lightning, which made him 10th on the all-time Bolts goal list.
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Victor Hedman is one of the best skaters and defensemen in the NHL, and he takes up a bunch of defensive space on the ice. At 6’6” and 225 pounds, few offensive forwards drive past Hedman without a whole bunch of Herculean effort. And Victor Hedman’s autographed NHL collectibles are Herculean winners for fans and collectors – he has one of the best pedigrees in the business and the steady growth in value of his signed hockey memorabilia proves it.
Since turning professional at age 16, Hedman has been kicking up ice from Sweden to Tampa Bay, where he now plays with the Lightning (nicknamed the “Bolts”) in the NHL after being selected 2nd in the overall draft of 2009. His balanced play on defense and offense will likely win him the James Norris Memorial Trophy in 2017, awarded to the NHL player with the year’s best defensive play and “all-around play.” To win the coveted trophy, a player cannot simply be outstanding on defense – he must be balanced too — such as Hedman’s play last season (2015-16), when he slammed in 16 goals and 56 assists for 72 points.
Hedman is the all-time leader in playoff games played for the Lightning (has 37 playoff points currently), and is also the team’s all-time leader in points, assists and goals among defensemen. This year (2017-18) he may help take the Lightning “Bolts” to the Stanley Cup playoffs again, and this year, they may very well win it. His teammates have watched him mature as a player since he entered the NHL at 18, center and team captain Steve Stamkos says that Hedman is a catalyst whether in his own zone or the offensive zone.
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Well, what else can we say about Mats Sundin? That he played in the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 10 out of 18 years in the NHL? Yeah, pretty damned impressive. Some great players in the Hockey Hall of Fame only played in one Stanley Cup playoff series apiece. The autographed NHL collectibles we have with Mats Sundin’s certified signature are as valuable as he was to the Toronto Maple Leafs.
During his NHL career, Sundin averaged just over a point per game, scoring 1,349 points in 1,346 games. Outstanding? Hell yeah. Named one of the “100 Greatest Hockey Players”? Outstanding? Hell yeah. Hockey Hall of Fame? Hell yeah.
Standing at 6’5” and weighing a hefty 240 pounds, Mats Sundin threw his weight and the puck around with the Quebec Nordiques, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Vancouver Canucks, but most of his storied years were played with the Maple Leafs. In the 1999 playoffs, Sundin scored a playoff-leading 16 points in 17 playoff games. Outstanding.
Mats Sundin led the Maple Leafs in scoring for 12 of 13 years played. Outstanding. In 2006, he became only the 35th player in NHL history to reach the 500-goal mark. Outstanding. In addition to all his on-ice accolades, Mats Sundin is still a fan favorite when he appears at games. His autograph is well sought-after to this day, and his signed NHL memorabilia is well esteemed.

Jonathan Quick is an American – yes, American – professional goaltender with the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL. No, he’s not from Canada, or Sweden, or a Russian satellite country, he is American, born-and-raised, from the great little city of Milford, CT. The best thing about Milford besides Jonathan Quick is the Jai-Alai Fronton that we frequented in the 1980s while living in Brooklyn. Talk about speed and dexterity! Those boys were absolutely “quick” in their reflexes, as is Jonathan Quick while tending the net for the Los Angeles Kings. And quick is what his fans are when snapping up Jonathan Quick autographed NHL collectibles – they know he can tend a net, and are pretty sure he will be in the Hall of Fame.
Drafted in 2007, Quick grabbed a Stanley Cup championship in 2012, and again in 2014, both years with the Kings, and was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the MVP of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs, the year he also had one of his Stanley Cup playoff shutouts when he blocked 34 shots in a 4–0 shutout. Quick is the all-time leader in shutouts for American-born goaltenders.

Jonathan Toew is the current captain of the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks (2017). Standing at 6′ 2″ and throwing around 210 pounds, few players mess with Toews when he’s steaming down the ice. Since starting play with the Blackhawks in, Toews has won three Stanley Cup championships in 2010, 2013, and 2015. His win in 2010 broke the record for the youngest player to ever win a Stanley Cup, and in addition he won the Conn Smythe Trophy for the playoff MVP. In 2017, he was named one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players.
Jonathan Toews’ autographed NHL memorabilia is high in demand, as are his services in the NHL. This left-shooting center has attained many of the highest accolades and awards any NHL player can attain, and is still going strong, as is his fan’s desire for signed and certified NHL equipment, photographs and other collectible items.
This is a power player who in in his rookie year (2007-08) scored his first career NHL goal on his first shot in his first game. Wow! How cool is that? He subsequently nailed a point-scoring streak in 2007 that is only second to one. He had one point in each of his first ten games on five assists and five goals. Cool. And despite a knee injury that kept him out of 16 games, he still led all rookies in goals scored. He was voted 2nd as Rookie of the Year.
The next season (2008-09), Toews scored 69 points and advanced the Blackhawks to the Stanley Cup playoffs. He slammed in 13 points in 17 playoff games when the Blackhawks went to the Western Conference Finals. This guy is a sure-fire Hockey Hall of Famer when he retires. The time to invest in a gift or a certified signed item for posterity is now before the value of Jonathan Toews’ NHL collectibles goes through the roof.

Since being selected first overall by the New York Islanders in the 2009 NHL entry draft, left-shooting center John Tavares scored 54 points as a rookie, which was 2nd amongst NHL rookies.
But let’s step back a minute in hockey history. At the age of 14, Tavares was granted “exceptional player status and was drafted into the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) in (2005) where he set rookie OHL scoring records, showing prolific and mature play on the ice.
He wrapped up his OHL rookie season with 77 points and 45 goals. Tavares was named to the OHL’s all-rookie team, and won both the Emms Family Award and CHL Rookie of the Year awards as the top first-year player in both the OHL and CHL.
In the 2006-07 season, John Tavares nailed 71 goals for the season, breaking Wayne Gretzky’s OHL record for most goals by a 16-year-old.
Back to the NHL. After his 2009 rookie year, he had a good 2010-11 season, although a concussion skowed his pace for awhile.
During the NHL lock-out 2012–13 season, Tavares was third in the NHL with 28 goals. He helped the Islanders reach the playoffs, nailing 47 points in 48 games. Tavares was also named a finalist for the 2013 Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s MVP.
A torn miniscus in the 2014 season shortened his season, which was going well as he had scored 66 points in 59 games. The following season, he was selected for the 2015 NHL All-Star Game, and was a runner-up for the Art Ross Trophy with 86 points.
On January 13, 2017, Tavares scored his 500th point, and as of this writing, John Tavares is the captain of the NY Islanders.

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If a picture says “a thousand words,” a statistic says a million words. Like this one: In 2017, Henrik Lundqvist recorded his 400th win, joining only 11 other NHL goalies to achieve that high-water mark. Henrik Lundqvist has autographed NHL memorabilia that we are selling at great prices. If you want a memorable gift for a friend, or a nice collector’s item for posterity, check out our vault of signed and certified NHL equipment and autographs by Henrik Lundqvist.
It’s probably hard to wrap your mind around how difficult it is to win 400 games as a goalie in the NHL, but if you consider possible injuries and the teammates required to help reach that milestone in the NHL, you can understand what 400 wins for a goalie really means. To put those wins in context, many Hockey Hall of Fame goalies only had around 300 wins. I say “only,” but obviously, that’s a hell of a lot of wins too. Never mind 400 wins.
For example, Henrik Lundqvist guarded the net in all 19 games in the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs for the Rangers and nailed a 2.11 GAA, and a
.928 save percentage. But although he was the bomb as goalie, the Rangers could not kick it up on offense, particularly in the Eastern Conference Finals, which they lost in seven games to the Tampa Bay Lightning.
Henrik Lundqvist has won the Vezina Trophy, been selected to the NHL All-Star Team several times and notched numerous records in the NHL. He has done just about everything except win a Stanley Cup, which all hockey fans want him to pull off in 2017-18, and we think he will.
Take a look at a few of our special Henrik Lundqvist NHL collectibles, which are a great gift for any hockey fan:

Chicago Blackhawks hockey coach Joel Quenneville has won three Stanley Cup titles with the team, and has won over most of his players, earning their admiration as a former player who never forgot what it’s like to play hockey. He knows the most important single thing about coaching professional sports – how to get the most out of his players – particularly the stars, who are not always easy to keep happy. He is certainly what you’d call “a player’s coach.”
He has won 783 games as an NHL coach, which is the second-highest win record in NHL coaching history. Only Scotty Bowman has more with 1,244 lifetime coaching victories.
Before he became a coach though, Joel Quenneville was a player in the NHL who accomplished quite a bit as a left-shooting defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Colorado Rockies and several other NHL teams. This experience molded him into the great hockey coach he has become.
He started coaching the St. Louis Blues where he led the franchise to seven straight playoff berths. After leaving the Blues at the end of the 2000 season, he took some time off from hockey before being hired as coach of the Colorado Avalanche for the 2005-06 season, when he led the team to the playoffs.
In 2007, “Coach Q” coached his 750th career game. He also attained his 400th win as an NHL coach in 2007.
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Joe Sakic is a 13-time NHL All-Star and the winner of two Stanley Cup championships with the Colorado Avalanche (formerly the Quebec Nordiques). He is in the Hockey Hall of Fame, having played his entire 21-year NHL career with the combined franchise. He was the NHL MVP in 2001, and holds numerous franchise and NHL records. Joe Sakic’s autographed hockey memorabilia is very special to many fans, and he does have some nice stuff such as our Joe Sakic Autographed 1996 Stanley Cup Hockey Puck with the Avalanche.
This left-shooting center had a feared wrist-flick shot that was as quick as his thinking on the ice was, which now serves him well as General Manager of the Avalanche.
When the Nordiques changed to the Avalanche in 1995, Sakic led the team to its first Stanley Cup championship, scoring 120 points in 82 regular season games and 34 points in 22 playoff games. He was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the MVP of the 1996 NHL playoffs and set an NHL record for most game-winning goals in the playoffs.
Joe Sakic has also won the Lester B. Pearson Award, the Hart Memorial Trophy, and the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy. IN addition, he played spectacularly on the International level, helping Team Canada to win a championship and numerous awards.

Some hockey players have great careers, and a few players have amazing careers. Doug “Killer” Gilmour had an amazing – not to mention colorful – career. The left-shooting center played with eight NHL teams during his storied time in the NHL, scored a total of 450 goals and 964 assists in 1,474 games, and is now in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Those are a few reasons why Doug Gilmour’s autographed NHL memorabilia is always tops on our “frequent request” list and grows in value each year.
Yes, he also won the Stanley Cup. That was with the Calgary Flames in 1989, which was the second team he played for and just one of five teams that he helped reach the playoffs. It is amazing that he was traded so often because each time he started with a new team, they improved 100 percent. When you go to our collectibles vault for Doug Gilmour, check out the 1989 Calgary Flames Team-Autographed Stanley Cup Photo. It’s a great piece of NHL history in a 16” x 20” Photograph with 16 Player Autographs.
Gilmour was a prolific scorer for a relatively small center, and also a defensive monster. He garnered the the Frank J. Selke Trophy as the NHL’s best defensive forward in the 1992–93 season, and on either side of the puck, Gilmour succeeded admirably on offense and defense.
In addition to his NHL accolades, Doug Gilmour also left his mark on the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). In the 1982–83 season he led the OHL in goals (70), assists (107) and points (177), which is the third highest point total in OHL history and won him the Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy as the leading scorer. That season, Gilmour had a 55-game point streak that is still the OHL record.
As of this writing Doug Gilmour is the general manager of the Kingston Frontenacs of the (OHL).

Cam Neely was a hard-shooting right wing from 1983-86 with the Vancouver Canucks, and from 1987-1996 with the legendary Boston Bruins. His signature is also legendary, and we have a great collection of authenticated NHL equipment and photos signed by Cam Neely.
In a professional hockey career trimmed short by a severe hip injury, Cam Neely set scoring records, was selected for the NHL All-Star team five times, and was voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2005. He also roughed up a bunch of opposing players who challenged his strength and who mostly lost to the battle-hardened, 215-pound Neely, whose hockey tag was “Bam-Bam Cam,” named after the rough Flinstone’s character of the same name, Bam-Bam. In the 1993–94 season Neely scored his 50th goal in his 44th game. Only Wayne Gretzky scored 50 goals in fewer games. Neely hit 50 goals in a season on three occasions .
Cam Neely may not have been as graceful as say, Wayne Gretzky, but he sure did know how to score. His accuracy with the stick was laser-sharp, and his release is legendary. He shot quick and he shot hard, and he used his body to take positions on the ice that allowed him to be facing the net at the other end quite often at his opponent’s expense. He also hit quick and hard when checking an opponent, and rarely hesitated to drop his gloves. A true fan’s player, Neely was thought of as the ideal “power forward,” able to score and defend using both skill and muscle.
Cam Neely continues with his hockey success as he is currently the President of the Boston Bruins. Oddly enough, in 2011, he watched as his Boston Bruins beat his other former team, the Vancouver Canucks, in a fantastic game 7, which brought Cam Neely the Stanley Cup that he did not attain as a player.
Neely has also played roles in several major movies, including the role of “Sea Bass” in the 1994 comedy, Dumb and Dumber, with Jim Carrey, and as himself in D2, the Ducks franchise hockey sequel.

Carey Price is an All-Star goaltender for the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens, not to mention the highest paid goaltender in the NHL. Our collection of Carey Price autographed hockey collectibles are among the finest available. At the end of this profile, check out such outstanding items as signed and certified game-used NHL equipment and “8 x 10” signed color photographs.
During his first few seasons, Price played with excellence when he was healthy, helping the Canadiens to several Stanley Cup playoffs and being selected to the NHL All-Star Team three times. He had a tough injury that kept him off the ice for parts of latter seasons, but when he came back he played with the skill and nerve the Canadiens were used to.
In the 2014-15 season, Price led the NHL in the three key stats for goaltenders, which were wins (44), save percentage (.933), and goals-against-average (GAA – 1.96), which is like an ERA for baseball pitchers. His steady and stellar play helped the Canadiens win the Atlantic Division.
In 2015, Carey Price also won four coveted awards which are: The William M. Jennings Trophy for fewest goals allowed (189 – tied), the Hart Memorial Trophy (league MVP), the Vezina Trophy as best goaltender, and the Ted Lindsay Award as MVP, voted by the NHL player’s association.
In the 2016–17 season, Carey Price became the first NHL goalie ever to win his first 10 games of the season.

We had “The Great One,” and now we have “The Amazing One.” And man, is he amazing. Already a phenom at the age of 15, Connor McDavid was granted “Exceptional Player Status” to play in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), where he smoked the league while playing for the Erie Otters (2012-2015). Later in 2015, he was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL. His signed hockey memorabilia from both the Otters and Oilers are one of the NHL’s hottest items, and bound to grow in value.
In his first full season in the NHL (2016-17), Connor McDavid emblazoned his reputation on the league by scoring 100 points (30 goals plus 70 assists), and winning the Art Ross Trophy, awarded annually to the NHL’s leading scorer. He probably would have accomplished the same in his rookie year (2015) but a broken clavicle kept him out of 37 games. An outstanding accomplishment for a 20-year old, McDavid also won the Hart Trophy as the MVP of the NHL for 2016-17. Additionally, he won the Ted Lindsay Award, which is voted on by fellow players in the NHL for the most outstanding player. McDavid’s stellar play led the Edmonton Oilers to the playoffs for the first time in 11 years, although they lost to the Anaheim Ducks in the second round.
It surely appears that the Oilers made the right choice with their No. 1 Entry Draft pick of 2015, Connor McDavid, who is tagged as the Oiler’s “New Gretzky.” Together with teammate Leon Draisaitl, this flaming orange duo is lighting up Edmonton once again.
At just 20 years of age, McDavid is the youngest team captain in NHL history. He can out-skate just about anyone on the ice, has moves like Gretzky, and some so amazing that even Wayne didn’t think of them. To watch him keep the puck tight by his side as he flies between defenders is a thing of beauty. I can’t wait to see the records this guy sets in the future.
This left-shooting centre has an incredible core of fans already, and they are clamoring for Connor McDavid autographed hockey collectibles. In 2017, McDavid signed an 8-year, $100 million extension with the Oilers.
The time to snag a valuable item from our Connor McDavid signed and certified stock is now, before they set record prices for autographed NHL memorabilia. Check out these items below, and then peruse our vault.

In the NHL, a winger who is as big and fast as Corey Perry is a very dangerous weapon for defending goalies and defensemen, and his fans are just as big on buying Corey Perry’s autographed NHL collectibles, of which we have some outstanding items in our NHL vault.
Standing 6’3” and weighing 230 pounds, Perry throws his weight around on the ice with the efficiency of a skating sniper. Since joining the Anaheim Ducks in 2003, Corey Perry has made his mark on the ice, in the net, and on the bodies of more than a few opposing defenders.
In addition to helping the Ducks win the Stanley Cup in the 2006-07 season, Perry also has won the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy, the coveted Hart Memorial Trophy, and numerous other awards.
Speaking of the Stanley Cup, check out this great item of NHL memorabilia – a Corey Perry Autographed 2007 Stanley Cup — Anaheim Ducks 8” x 10” Photograph. It’s a great sports collectible to memorialize a winning moment in Duck’s history and Corey Perry’s winning ways.
After playing a total of six years split between the OHL and AHL, the Ducks brought Perry up to the NHL where has has excelled almost every year, and as his coach says, “He’s our big guy, and as a big guy, he comes through every time we really need a score.”
We have certified authentic signature hockey pucks from Team Canada, the Anaheim Ducks and the London Knights, all autographed by star player and Stanley Cup winner Corey Perry.

Clemson Tigers Championship Sports Memorabilia & More

The Clemson Tigers are enjoying a remarkable period of athletic success, most notably on the gridiron. The school’s football program, under head coach Dabo Swinney, has reached the National Championship in back-to-back years, winning the 2016 title and expecting many more championship runs in the future. With two national championships, 22 conference titles and 25 consensus All-Americans, the Clemson Tigers are one of the ACC’s most stories football dynasties.

Deshaun Watson is the latest addition to the Clemson football Mount Rushmore, which features C.J. Spiller, Banks McFadden, and Steve Fuller, all of whom have their number retired at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, South Carolina.

Celebrate the rich history of Clemson athletics and gear up for the next championship run with authentic memorabilia from Sports Collectibles. A Deshaun Watson autographed Clemson jersey is a must-have for the Tigers die-hard, and what better way for a graduate to remember the best four years of their life than with an autographed Clemson Tigers helmet. From C.J. Spiller autographed framed photos to Sammy Watkins signed Clemson footballs, all of Sports Collectibles memorabilia is 100 percent authentic and certified. Pay some attention to the budding Tigers hoops program as well with a collectible Clemson basketball.

The past, present, and future of Clemson Tigers athletics will always be worthy of celebration. Enjoy every moment of this amazing run and cheer on your Clemson Tigers with an authentic sports collectible.

Auburn Tigers Autographed Sports Memorabilia & Gifts

The Auburn Tigers stand as one of the most decorated schools in the country. Located in Auburn, Alabama, the Tigers football dynasty has won national championships in 1957 and 2010 and earned 12 conference titles, while three Heisman Trophy winners – Pat Sullivan in 1971, Bo Jackson in 1985, and Cam Newton in 2010 – have taken the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium. On the basketball side, the Auburn Tigers are the proud alma mater of one of the game’s all-time greats, Charles Barkley.

Perhaps most notably, the Tigers represents one-half of the Auburn-Alabama rivalry, also known as the Iron Bowl, which stands as one of the greatest rivalries in college sports.

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