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For memorabilia collectors, few categories of merchandise are as valuable as the “Miscellaneous” section. That’s where you find the true gold – the unique, one-of-a-kind memorabilia that does not exactly fit any true category, but that can elevate the collection to elite status.
Browse for your next great piece of memorabilia on Sports Collectibles. Chevy Chase autographed Caddy Shack flags and Gene Hackman signed replica Kryptonite are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our collection. Whether you are looking for autographed guitars, signed records, autographed movie posters, autographed movie props or signed magazine coves, Sports Collectibles offers the widest selection of can’t-miss merchandise, all of which is guaranteed to be 100 percent authentic and certified.
Any celebrity, any athlete, any politician, any famous person whatsoever – if they’ve autographed something, we probably have it. So, look no further in your memorabilia hunt, and let your collection of autographed merchandise grow with Sports Collectibles.

Of all sporting memorabilia, one item is prized among all others – the autographed baseball. It’s what the game is played with, starting in the pitcher’s hand and ending in the catcher’s mitt, on the playing field or as a souvenir. It’s an item as American as the flag, and when it’s signed by a big leaguer, it puts you just that much closer to being on the field yourself.
Indulge in your love of baseball and start a collection of autographed baseballs through Sports Collectibles. No online memorabilia store has as wide of a selection, and all of Sports Collectibles’ signed baseballs are 100 percent authentic and certified. Dream big and get yourself a Babe Ruth autographed baseball, Willie Mays signed baseball or Hank Aaron autographed baseball, or, if you prefer the defensive side of the game, look into a Walter Johnson signed baseball or Nolan Ryan autographed baseball. Baseballs from the World Series, baseballs from the All Star Game, baseballs from the World Baseball Classic — Sports Collectibles has it all. You can also find nearly any legend’s autographed ball on Sports Collectibles, along with baseballs from celebrities such as Charlie Sheen and Chazz Palminteri.
Whether you are a longtime collector or a first-time buyer, there’s no better time to look into an autographed baseball. Make sure you get the real thing. Make sure you shop with Sports Collectibles.

It’s not fake – it’s scripted. It’s also the most amazing form of entertainment in the world today.
Professional wrestling has produced some of the sporting world’s most incredible moments and most well-known celebrities, and its fans are one of a kind. Whether you support the WWE, NXT, ROH, NJPW or the independent circuits, if you’re a mark, then you’re a member in the most passionate and devoted fanbase in the world.
Put that fandom on display with authentic memorabilia from Sports Collectibles. Decorate your wrestling man cave in Shawn Michaels autographed framed photos, Bret Hart autographed framed photos, the Rock signed memorabilia, Ric Flair signed shirts and Stone Cold Steve Austin autographed posters. Autographed WrestleMania posters are our best seller. The current roster features dozens of true superstars, so celebrate that talent with a Roman Reigns autographed photo, A.J. Styles signed photo or John Cena autographed poster. All of Sports Collectibles’ wrestling gear is 100 percent authentic and certified, so shop worry-free for merchandise from Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and any other of your favorite wrestlers.
Hulk Hogan put professional wrestling on the map during his career. Pay homage to the legend through Sports Collectibles’ vast collection of Hulk Hogan merchandise, including Hulk Hogan signed shirts, Hulk Hogan autographed photos and Hulk Hogan signed bandanas.
Wrestling fans are of a different breed. Put that fandom on display year round with authentic and certified memorabilia from Sports Collectibles.

In NASCAR, the status of legend is not given out easily. Only a few have achieved the title, and only through numerous titles and era-long dominance have they done so.
Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt headline that list of legends. They were followed by the greats Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, while Martin Truex Jr., Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick comprise some of the current superstars.
Celebrate the legends of NASCAR, both past and present, with authentic memorabilia from Sports Collectibles. NASCAR fans are nearly unmatched in their passion, so proudly display your fandom with a Richard Petty autographed photo, Dale Earnhardt signed framed photo and Jimmie Johnson signed hat. Jeff Gordon autographed merchandise is our top seller, and Danica Patrick autographed framed photos have been climbing the charts.
Pay homage to the circuits as well with panoramic photos of your favorite NASCAR tracks. All of Sports Collectibles’ NASCAR memorabilia is 100 percent authentic and certified, so make us your one-stop shop for autographed goods from your favorite driver.
If your Sundays revolve around the race, then you’re a true NASCAR fan. Don’t take it lightly. Watch in style with authentic NASCAR merchandise from Sports Collectibles.

Tennis requires a level of skill, talent, endurance and sheer competitive will power that few other sports can lay claim to. A successful player must execute a variety of shots during a variety of different scenarios. They must strategize against an opponent. They must beat the net. And, most impressively, they can never wear down, either physically or mentally.
Even among the professional ranks, only a select few have achieved the status of champion. Those that do, however, are legend. Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova and several others have dazzled audiences with their superb play, and will be remembered as legends of the game forever.
Celebrate tennis and the greats that have played with authentic tennis memorabilia from Sports Collectibles. Serena Williams will be remembered as the greatest women’s tennis player in history, so pay homage with a Serena Williams autographed tennis ball or Serena Williams signed framed photo. Roger Federer signed photos are a top seller, and no tennis collection would be complete without a Novak Djokovic signed ball. From Rafael Nadal autographed photos to John McEnroe signed tennis balls to an Arthur Ashe signed ticket, all of Sports Collectibles’ tennis merchandise is 100 percent authentic and certified.
Remember all the great moments as well with memorabilia commemorating Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the French Open and many more.
Tennis fandom is a special thing. Show off that passion with pride by gearing up in authentic tennis memorabilia from Sports Collectibles.

Soccer, or futbol, is the beautiful game and national pastime of countries across the globe. From the greatness of the English Premier League to the superstar status of La Liga to the worldwide spectacle that is the World Cup, soccer is ingrained into peoples and cultures all over the planet.
In the United States, that level of passion for soccer is on the horizon. The American Outlaws have thrown their full support behind the up-and-coming United States Men’s National Team and the World Cup champion United States Women’s National Team, and Major League Soccer has inspired passionate followings around the country.
Celebrate the beautiful game with authentic soccer memorabilia from Sports Collectibles. Whether your allegiances lie in America, Spain, England, Germany or elsewhere, Sports Collectibles offers the widest selection of 100 percent authentic and certified soccer merchandise. Lionel Messi autographed jerseys are our top seller, and no shrine would be complete without a Cristiano Ronaldo autographed soccer ball. Collect merchandise from all the world’s top players with a Neymar autographed jersey, Manuel Neuer signed framed photo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic autographed ball, Luis Suarez signed trading card, Gareth Bale autographed jersey and Arjen Robben signed photo.
Pay homage to the legends as well with a Pele signed jersey, Diego Maradona autographed ball and David Beckham autographed jersey.
On the American side, Clint Dempsey autographed jerseys make a great gift, and Tim Howard autographed framed photos have been a top seller. Christian Pulisic is the next big thing, so beat the bandwagon and get a Christian Pulisic signed jersey today. The U.S. Women’s team has found remarkable success, so show off your fandom with an Alex Morgan signed jersey, Abby Wambach signed photo, Mia Hamm autographed jersey and Carli Lloyd signed soccer ball.
In many places, soccer isn’t simply a game – it’s a way of life. Show off that passionate fandom by donning authentic soccer gear from Sports Collectibles.

Mixed martial arts – or, MMA – has taken the sporting world by storm. Offering the unique combination of technique, discipline, strength, skill and will power, MMA has inspired a rabid following and created some of sports’ biggest celebrities. From those learning Judo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to those who simply love watching the all-time greats circle the Octagon, there’s no fanbase quite like MMA’s.
Put your love of Mixed Martial Arts on display with authentic memorabilia from Sports Collectibles. Celebrate the legends with a Georges St. Pierre autographed framed photo, Anderson Silver signed UFC glove, Fedor Emelianenko autographed framed photo, Chuck Liddell autographed photo and Conor McGregor signed glove. Dana White autographed photos are one of our top sellers, and no UFC memorabilia collection would be complete without a Ronda Rousey autographed glove. All of Sports Collectibles’ MMA merchandise is 100 percent authentic and certified, so make us your one-stop shop for Robbie Lawler autographed UFC gear, B.J. Penn signed photos and Brock Lesnar autographed UFC gloves.
If you’re an MMA fan, then you are a part of a very unique club. Show that fandom with pride and decorate your home from bedroom to man cave in authentic UFC memorabilia from Sports Collectibles.

The Olympics accomplish a very rare and special feat every few years – they bring together the nations of the world. No other event exhibits such athletic excellence or national pride. The Olympics represent the ultimate goal for a select few athletes around the globe, and its celebration of greatness allows those superstars to achieve levels of success previously thought unreachable.
Celebrate the greatest athletes the world has to offer with authentic Olympics memorabilia from Sports Collectibles. Whether you are inspired by the Winter Games or the Summer Games, Sports Collectibles offers a selection merchandise that is sure to inspire any athlete, regardless of sport. Pay homage to the Olympic legends with a Michael Phelps autographed framed photo, Jesse Owens autographed Olympic medal ceremony photo, Usain Bolt signed race photo and Carl Lewis autographed magazine cover.
All of Sports Collectibles’ Olympic merchandise is 100 percent authentic and certified, so shop for Olympic hockey jerseys, Jenny Finch autographed softballs, Mark Spitz signed framed photos, Jackie Joyner-Kersee signed magazine covers and Nadia Comaneci autographed Olympic gymnastics photos without fear. Sports Collectibles offers memorabilia from all of your favorite Olympic competitions, including Olympic hockey, Olympic swimming, Olympic track and field, Olympic gymnastics, Olympic figure skating, Olympic volleyball and many, many more.
Perhaps the greatest team to ever grace the Olympic games was the 1992 Dream Team. Honor the best basketball squad in history with a Magic Johnson autographed Dream Team jersey, Michael Jordan signed Olympic jersey, Larry Bird autographed Olympic framed photo, Clyde Drexler autographed Dream Team jersey and signed Olympic gear from every other player of that roster, which includes John Stockton, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Chris Mullin, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley.
The Olympics put the greatest athletes in the world on display and inspire an even-greater set of athletes for future generations. There’s no competitive event quite like it. Celebrate that excellence and gear up for the next Olympic games with authentic memorabilia from Sports Collectibles.

From the “Run for the Roses” to the Triple Crown to the long list of legendary jockeys and Thoroughbreds, there is no sport quite like horse racing. Whether you follow the breeding and training all year long, or simply tune in for the most exciting two minutes in sports, you are part of a community that has produced such greats as Secretariat, Man O’ War, Seattle Slew, Affirmed and Seabiscuit.
Celebrate the rich history of horse racing with authentic memorabilia from Sports Collectibles. Pay tribute to the legends with 100 percent certified and authentic Secretariat Kentucky Derby framed photos, Man O’ War photos, Seabiscuit autographed winners circle photos and Seattle Slew racing photos. With authentic merchandise from all of the all-time legends, make Sports Collectibles your one-stop shop for horse racing memorabilia, from certified magazine covers to framed racing photos.
For two minutes each year as the Thoroughbreds sprint around Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, everyone is a horse racing fan. The Kentucky Derby draws a crowd incomparable to any other sporting event, and has produced some of the most legendary moments in sporting history. American Pharoah is the most recent superstar to dominate the track, vaulting from his Kentucky Derby victory to a Triple Crown. Celebrate this modern legend with an authentic American Pharoah photo from Sports Collectibles and a Victor Espinoza autographed framed photo.
From the Kentucky Derby to the Preakness Stakes to the Belmont Stakes to the Breeders’ Cup, there are horse racing events that you just can’t miss. Follow the field this upcoming year in style by decorating your home in authentic horse racing merchandise from Sports Collectibles.

Boxing. It’s the sweet science, the sport of combat and perseverance and will. It has produced American heroes, and it has created villains. It is a sport that crescendos, falling behind the scenes for months and years at a time before rising again to captivate the world. And, more than perhaps any other competitive arena, it is the sport that represents the ever-changing times.
Celebrate the past, present and future of boxing with an authentic sports collectible. From Olympic boxing memorabilia to Muhammad Ali autographed boxing gloves, Sports Collectibles offers the widest selection of 100 percent authentic and certified boxing merchandise, so make it your one-stop shop for Sugar Ray Leonard autographed boxing gloves, Larry Holmes signed framed photos and Evander Holyfield autographed photos. Pay homage to the all-time greats with Muhammad Ali signed framed photos, Joe Frazier autographed boxing gloves, Sonny Liston signed trading cards and George Foreman autographed trunks. Honor the legends of old with a pair of Jack Dempsey autographed boxing gloves and Rocky Marciano autographed framed photo, and support the modern superstars with Floyd Mayweather autographed framed photos, Manny Pacquiao signed boxing shorts and Mike Tyson autographed boxing gloves.
No athlete in American history has been as impactful as Muhammad Ali. At Sports Collectibles, the champ is here. Give special tribute to “The Greatest” with Sports Collectibles’ vast collection of Muhammad Ali memorabilia, from Muhammad Ali signed boxing gloves to Muhammad Ali autographed magazines to Muhammad Ali signed photos.
Boxing will always occupy a special place in the sports world, and its die-hard fans are unlike any other group of supporters. Put your fandom on display today with authentic boxing memorabilia from Sports Collectibles.

Golf is a game without rival. Rich in history, class and character, golf has produced a litany of great moments and legends unmatched anywhere else in the sports world. From the genesis of the links game in the Scottish highlands to the modern superstars of the PGA Tour, there are nearly endless eras worthy of celebration for the golf fanatic.
Put your love of golf on display with authentic memorabilia from Sports Collectibles. From autographed pin flags to signed framed photos, Sports Collectibles offers the absolute widest collection of merchandise from the PGA Tour, so make it your one-stop shop for Arnold Palmer autographed pin flags, Jack Nicklaus autographed framed photos, Tiger Woods signed golf balls and Rory McIlroy autographed score cards. With the infusion of young talent into the game, there’s no more exciting time to be a golf fan. Celebrate the PGA Tour with a Justin Thomas autographed framed photo, Jason Day autographed golf ball, Jordan Spieth signed pin flag and Dustin Johnson autographed score card.
For one weekend a year, golf takes sports’ center stage with a tradition unlike any other – The Masters. Sports Collectibles offers the widest selection of Masters memorabilia, including Masters pin flags, Masters hats, Masters t-shirts, Masters golf wear and Masters framed photos. Hole up from Thursday to Sunday this April, and decorate your Masters man cave with Tiger Woods autographed framed photos, Gary Player signed golf balls, Bobby Jones autographed pin flags, and Tom Watson signed golf balls.
Whether you’re looking for a Sergio Garcia signed pin flag, Rickie Fowler autographed golf ball or Justin Rose signed framed photo, Sports Collectibles has it all. Show off your golf fandom with pride, do it with Sports Collectibles.

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