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Evan Longoria

ē Longo is a staple of the Tampa Bay Rays. Already the Rays all-time leader in Home Runs & RBIís, his name should be #1 on the list for all offensive categories when his time in the Bay is done.

Evan Longoria is one of the best third baseman in Major League Baseball today with the Tampa Bay Rays. Evan Longoria memorabilia and signed bats would be an incredible gift to put in a display case for this amazing slugger. Longoria sports collectables and memorabilia would definitely take your sports collectibles to the next level. Be sure to continue to check out for more Evan Longoria memorabilia. Longoria has completely helped changed the Tampa Bay Devil Rays into the winning Tampa Bay Rays. He made his MLB debut in 2008 and has carried this team into the postseason three out of the last five seasons. This right handed batter has great power and excellent defense at third base. He has a strong arm and can provide some big time pop off the bat. Tampa Bay drafted him in 2006 with the third overall pick in the draft. After a few years in the minor league system he has been able to become one of the best players in the game today. He is a leader in the clubhouse and understands the game of baseball. He is a smart ball player and loved by many fans in Tampa Bay area. The Rays are now in the hunt again this season in 2013 and Evan Longoria is leading the way once again. He just signed a 10 year $100 million contract to stay in Tampa Bay as he has fallen in love with this team and organization. A signed baseball glove with Evan Longoria would be a great addition to add to your sports memorabilia and sports collectibles. Don?t forget your display case as well. Be sure to bring it back to where you started at for more sports collectables and Evan Longoria memorabilia.

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