2022 Sports Recap

A new year is upon us, sports fans, and 2023 has already been historic. The dawn of the new year saw the Georgia Bulldogs rout the TCU Horned Frogs in the CFP National Championship game at SoFi Stadium to become back-to-back National Champions! The Sports Collectibles GameDay Auctions team was on-site in Los Angeles to witness the excitement. Stetson Bennett and team fought tough through the 2022 NCAA football season against many foes to come out on top. What a way to start the year for the Dawgs!

Let’s look back on some other FAN-tastic sports moments from 2022!

In the National Football League, the Los Angeles Rams started out the year as Super Bowl LVI Champions, beating the Cincinnati Bengals at the first big game played at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA. However, the ensuing 2022 season did not go as well for Matthew Stafford and the Rams. The Rams lost in the NFL Kickoff Game to Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, who would go on to become season (and fantasy football) darlings in 2022. The 2022 season was noticeably missing some familiar faces that retired after the 2021 season including Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and longtime New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, five-time Pro Bowler Frank Gore and Georgia alum running back Todd Gurley, to name a few. Tom Brady announced his retirement in February of 2022 but then reversed the decision in March to come back to the Bucs to try to win one more ring. The Bucs had their ups and downs (as a Bucs fan I’ll admit, it was not the best season) but weren’t quite the same without Gronk and, despite making it to the top of the NFC South with stars like Mike Evans and Leonard Fournette. They lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round. The 2022 season saw Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs and Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles come out on top with the best records of the regular season. The Eagles have just been crowned NFC Champions and are headed to Super Bowl LVII in Arizona. At the time of publication, the Chiefs are battling Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals for the title of AFC Champions. The Bengals had a wild ride in 2022 with stars like Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd and Ja’Marr Chase. Can they make it to a second Super Bowl in 2 years? Time will tell.

2022 gave the Golden State Warriors their 7th NBA title with a win over the Boston Celtics. Steph Curry continues to dazzle on the court, now in his 14th season in the NBA. In hockey, the two-time defending champions, the Tampa Bay Lighting fought hard to try and win their third Stanley Cup in 2022 but were defeated in Game 6 by the Colorado Avalanche, who became 2022 NHL Champions. Mikko Rantanen and Nathan McKinnon led the Avs to a spectacular season and a hard-fought victory.

The 2022 World Series was a best-of-seven playoff between American League Champion Houston Astros and NL Champ Philadelphia Phillies. The Astros and series MVP Jeremy Peña defeated the Phillies in 6 games to win their second MLB Championship.

Beijing hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics and the Games made for great television during the cold winter month of February in the US. Snowboarder Shaun White made his last Olympics appearance, finishing fourth in the half-pipe before retiring at the age of 35.

Other top moments in sports from last year included the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, with Argentina coming out on top and Lionel Messi winning his first World Cup Trophy. In the golf world, in April, golfer Scottie Scheffler won The Masters Tournament, taking home the coveted Green Jacket. Other golf majors tournament champions included Justin Thomas (PGA Championship), Matt Fitzpatrick (US Open) and Cameron Smith winning the coveted Claret Jug at the 150th Open Championship held at the historic St. Andrews course in Scotland.

With the NFL season winding down now at the end of January 2023, we await a new Super Bowl champion and so many more moments to come in the spectacular arena of professional sports. Stay tuned!

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Sports Collectibles Holiday Gifting Guide for Autographed Memorabilia Rookies


Before we know it, our loved ones are going to hand us their holiday shopping lists and if your family is anything like mine, what used to be video games and toy robots now reads autographed trading cards or a signed football, jersey or helmet from their favorite sports players. Prior to working in the sports memorabilia industry, I would not have known where to start – beyond a Google and a prayer. Now I am here, Dear Abby-style, to help all of the spouses, parents, co-workers and novice givers who want to get the best gift possible for their sports fanatic friends and family without breaking the bank.


Buy from a company that will accept returns after the holidays. I cannot tell you how many times we get the call that no gift giver of memorabilia wants to make, “I bought this autographed football, and my husband already has it, and I need to return it.” We, and others, will accept returns whenever and for whatever reason, as long as the merchandise is in sellable condition and not custom-framed. Choosing a gift can be difficult and we want everyone to be happy.


Ensure the autograph on the item you’re looking to purchase is certified authentic. There are different types of authentication and different companies that provide these services. The most common phrase you’ll hear is a Certificate of Authenticity (or COA). In the past, these would be a physical piece of paper or card that stated the authenticity of the item and/or origination. Unfortunately, these were pretty easy to fake so as collecting has become a larger industry and we’ve moved into a new era of technology and invention, most authentication companies now use tamper-evident stickers (that may or may not still be referred to as a certificate or COA). The stickers can be a hologram and may have a QR code to direct you to the authenticator’s website database to verify your item. The most important aspect of a card or sticker is the number. The number is what you will use to look up on the authenticator’s official website and verify who signed the item and possibly where or when it was signed. This is an important feature that adds extra value to the collectible if you’re ever looking to possibly sell it in the future. The main benefit of the tamper-evident sticker is that it ensures the item you are receiving has not been altered. The sticker will leave specific marks if removed. Cards and tickets are slabbed or encapsulated, meaning they are sealed in a plastic case, authenticated and graded based on their condition. Finally, there is the Letter of Authenticity (or LOA). Letters are usually reserved for rare autographs, people who have passed away or items signed by multiple people. Some of the very reputable authentication companies include, but are not limited to:


Display cases and frames are highly recommended for autographed collectibles. Sports memorabilia, like other types of keepsakes, should be properly preserved. Framing is the best way to keep photos and jerseys pristine and looking great. Not to mention, it’s an excellent way to show off a prized autographed possession (while keeping it safe). Display cases for helmets, baseballs, footballs and endzone pylons are the best way to keep the items and the autographs preserved for years to come. Without proper care, the autograph may fade or smudge. In addition, depending on where they are stored or displayed, the item itself may become damaged by dust and lack of care. Autographed memorabilia items are an investment and should appreciate in value with time, if stored properly. For others, framing and display cases provide an avenue to show off your collectibles as if you have your very own art gallery or museum. Click here to learn how we custom-frame our jerseys!



Not all helmets are created equal. We are often asked to explain the difference between replica and authentic full-size football helmets. The simplest answer is the padding. The authentic helmet has the padding inside you would need to play in a professional game, while the replica has a plastic plate or an empty interior, depending on the age of the helmet. The longer answer is that an authentic helmet may add more value to the item due to the cost and accuracy of the construction, being the closest to what the players actually wear on the field. Additionally, there is an entire discussion about SpeedFlex versus Speed Rep or Eclipse versus Chrome and some of us who are buying gifts don’t care enough about the differences. It may seem overwhelming or complicated but, most of those terms mostly refer to the aesthetic aspects of the helmet. If you can afford it, go authentic. If you can’t, buy a replica version. At the end of the day, for most invested collectors, it is about the autograph. For those who just want it to look good, the matte black Eclipse and white matte Lunar variations, in addition to the shiny Chrome or radiant Flash versions always tend to grab the eye of admirers of a collection. They also add variation to an assortment that may already include the basic team designs. If the intended recipient is a stickler for historical accuracy, there are also throwback variations of team helmets corresponding to the different eras of uniforms worn by a team. Ardent collectors usually prefer to have the helmet bearing the autograph correspond to the style or design that was worn or used when that player was on the team. These are sometimes more difficult to find but can definitely add to the value. We have experts on-hand to help you find the best version of an autographed memorabilia item that fits both your budget and the fan or collector that you’re shopping for.

Football Helmet Varieties


When it comes to the autograph itself, you want to find a clean, clear signature in a color that pops on the surface or photo – like white on red or black on white. As we all know, even some of the most accomplished individuals don’t necessarily have the neatest handwriting or sign their names legibly. Each signature is different. Certain players do not sign their entire name and others spell it out with every letter. There are players

Derrick Brooks Autographed Football

like Pro Football Hall of Famers Derrick Brooks of the Florida State Seminoles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Lynn Swann of USC Trojans and Pittsburgh Steelers fame who have signatures that are works of art themselves. It is evident on all of their items (and we know from working with them at signings) that they take pride in their autographs and have added fun elements. Brooks incorporates a smiley face with his signature and Swann draws the letter S in his last name to resemble the elegant bird that is a homophone of his surname. Autographs can be acquired at an organized signing or captured in a quick moment – adding or detracting to the accuracy and quality of the signature. Some items have inscriptions (for example, a player’s number,  championship, accomplishment(s), nickname or clever phrase) and some don’t. Some items are personalized and others aren’t. Inscriptions most often add to the value of the item as a lot of famous figures charge more for additional verbiage at an autograph signing. Prime examples are a National Championship or Hall of Fame induction year, accomplishments like Rookie of the Year (ROY) or MVP or a team motto like Roll Tide for the Alabama Crimson Tide or Go Dawgs for the Georgia Bulldogs and others. Conversely, a personalization (like To Joe) can reduce the resale value of a collectible as it is really only meaningful for a person with that name (but what a treasure if you happen to find an item in the wild with your gift recipient’s name on it, as long as they’re not looking to resell in the future).


I know that the amount of information here can be daunting. But in the end, it is really about your loved one’s face when they unwrap their jaw-dropping gift and you become the ULTIMATE HOLIDAY HERO!

When in doubt, please reach out to our Customer Experience Specialists who are ready and eager to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have to ensure that you find the perfect gift for the sports and entertainment fanatics in your life. Shop your loved ones’ favorite sports superstars’ autographed helmets, autographed jerseys, autographed baseballs, autographed footballs, autographed photos and more today at SportsCollectibles.com!

Contact us during business hours, Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm, eastern time on the phone at 800-793-9793 or through the chat feature in the bottom corner of our website at SportsCollectibles.com. Alternately, you can email us at [email protected]. Due to the holiday volume, please allow a couple business days for an email or voicemail response.


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-Fancie is mom to Blog Dog Shimmer. As the mama, she wanted to bring this sage advice to other mamas and loved ones looking for the perfect gift for the sports lovers in their lives. Fancie is just as stately and elegant as her name suggests, except when Shimmer is chasing her around the house! But she also knows that her human mama can’t resist her precious face and loves to spoil her rotten.


College Rivalry Spotlight – Georgia vs Florida Football Classic

As October comes to a close, several NCAA Football teams are hyping up to face off with one of their rivals – the #2-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes will be traveling to State College to take on #13 Penn State Nittany Lions (not as much friction as a Buckeyes / Wolverines game, but still a good matchup), while intrastate rivals #4 Michigan and Michigan State face off. However, in terms of celebrations, the SEC’s GeorgiaFlorida Football Classic in Jacksonville, FL this weekend will be drawing fans near and far to “DUUUVAL” for what was once well-known as The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. The teams and the city have since eschewed that moniker, giving rise to the “River City Showdown” and “War of the Oar,” among others, but generally it’s known as the Florida-Georgia or Georgia-Florida game, depending on who the home team is that year.

This year, the undefeated Bulldogs are the home team and Stetson Bennett, Brock Browers and crew are expected to soundly defeat Anthony Richardson and the Orange and Blue. However, intense rivalry matchups can sometimes be unpredictable, which will only amplify the hum of excitement generated by the throngs of cross-border rivals that will converge on the city on the St. Johns River starting Thursday.

Adding to the contention between these two storied franchises, even the year of the first matchup is debated. According to the University of Georgia‘s Athletic Department, the first game between the two schools was held in 1904 in Macon, Georgia, with the Bulldogs coming out on top, 52-0. This is disputed by the Gators because the University of Florida, as we know it now, wasn’t officially formed until the Florida state legislature consolidated its public universities in 1905. Therefore, according to UF, the first Florida-Georgia matchup was in 1915 in Jacksonville. The Dawgs still shutout the Gators 37-0 with Florida not winning until their 8th matchup (7th for UF) in 1928.

Both teams have had their winning streaks over the years and it’s always a momentous matchup for fans on both sides of the Florida-Georgia state line. Since 1933, the game has been held in Jacksonville on neutral territory (with the exception of 1994 and 1995) as it is the largest city between the two campuses to accommodate the swell of revelers. The game even has its own hall of fame that holds an induction ceremony over the weekend to honor two players from each team. The city of Jacksonville Sports and Entertainment Office established the hall of fame in 1995 “to acknowledge the many great records, performances, career highlights and outstanding memories that have made the Georgia-Florida game one of college football’s best traditions.” This year’s inductees include Georgia’s John Little and Champ Bailey and Florida’s Andre Caldwell and Trey Burton.

Over the years, the showdown between these two storied football programs has produced moments that have echoed through time and become a part of each team’s rich history. Will this year’s game add to the lore? After all, in 1985, the Gators came to Jacksonville undefeated and #1 in the nation for the first time in the school’s history. The year prior, they beat Georgia 27-0 to secure their first-ever SEC Title. This game would not go as well for UF. Georgia soundly defeated the #1 team, 24-3, ending Florida’s hopes that year for another title. In 2002, the 5-3 Gators beat the 8-0, #4-ranked, Bulldogs, ruining their perfect season in a stunning upset. Could the Gators once again pull an upset and triumph over the currently undefeated, reigning 2021 National Champions? Unlikely – but there’s a certain kind of magic in the mystery of the matchup.

When one thinks of the Bulldogs’ 1980 Championship team, legend Herschel Walker is probably the first player that comes to mind. But it was during the 1980 game at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville that another star rose to save the season. Arguably one of the best plays in college football history occurred during a Florida-Georgia weekend and helped to secure Georgia’s first-ever National Championship Title in 1980. Known as “Run Lindsay, Run!” (or as I was instructed by the legendary ball-carrier Lindsay Scott himself, “Munson really only ever said Run Lindsay!“), the pass from QB Buck Belue to WR Lindsay Scott and Scott’s ensuing 92-yard run saved Vince Dooley‘s #2 Bulldogs’ perfect season and allowed them to press on and win the 1980 National Championship. The undefeated Dawgs were trailing by one point (21-20) with one minute and 35 seconds left in the game facing third and long on their own 8-yard line. Belue threw a high pass to Scott who ran the football down the sideline 92 yards to score and win the game. The televised moment was made truly iconic due to long-time Georgia announcer Larry Munson‘s call of the play.

Buck back. Third down on the 8. In trouble. Got a block behind him. Going to throw on the run. Complete to the 25, to the 30. Lindsay Scott 35, 40. Lindsay Scott 45, 50, 45, 40. Run Lindsay! 25, 20, 15, 10, 5. Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! 

Well, I can’t believe it. 92 yards and Lindsay really got in a footrace. I broke my chair. I came right through a chair. … This is incredible! You know this game has always been called the world’s greatest cocktail party. … Do you know what is going to happen here tonight? … Man is there gonna be some property destroyed tonight!

26 to 21, Dawgs on top! We were gone. I gave up, you did too. We were out of it and gone. Miracle!

Across the years, during the highs and lows of these two legendary football programs, the city of Jacksonville has borne witness to gridiron greatness and this year’s game will be no different. If you’re going to Duval, make sure to find our GameDay Auctions booths at the Hall of Fame Luncheon, during the block party surrounding the Exhibition Baseball game on Friday and in the stadium at the game on Saturday. Find more information about the schedule of events HERE.

Regardless of which team you cheer for, find autographed memorabilia celebrating legends like Nick Chubb, Herschel Walker, Buck Belue, Lindsay Scott, Jordan DavisTim Tebow, Emmitt Smith, Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel plus current stars Stetson Bennett, Brock Bowers, Anthony Richardson, and more. Do you have a favorite Florida-Georgia/Georgia-Florida showdown year or moment? Let us know in the comments!

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You can also find our GameDay Auctions booths at every Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators home football game the rest of this season. For more information on where to find our Georgia GameDay Auctions booths at Sanford Stadium in Athens, click HERE. Get more details on where to find us at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, aka The Swamp, in Gainesville by clicking HERE. Thanks for reading! We’ll see you at the game!

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– Jackson is a rescue dog born and raised in Florida. He loves watching NFL football with his pop-pop and college football with his GiGi when he visits her in Ohio. This weekend he will be cheering on both teams although he might lean a bit toward the Gators. His mama is the Team Lead for GameDay Auctions at the University of Georgia (and has become an adopted Georgia Bulldogs fan herself) so he gets jealous of the Uga stuffed animals that she brings home and hates when she has to travel to Athens for the football games. But he also gets EXTRA EXCITED when she comes home from a trip so he doesn’t mind it too much. He won’t be in Jacksonville this weekend but looks forward to his next opportunity to blog!


Letter from a NY Yankees Fan – 2022 ALCS Thoughts

Where is Mr. October when we need him? If you are like me, in your late 40s, you remember all too well your childhood of Reggie Jackson’s World Series wins. The excitement of your house, your block and NYC itself.

The team spirit was palpable – sports newscasters screaming on the TV, adults walking a little taller down Madison Avenue and kids teasing Mets fans whenever they’d spot someone sporting the orange and blue. For the entire decade of the 1980s, and most of the 1990s, we would walk around with heads down and shaking in dismay from the losses. We perked up a little when the Mets won in 1986, but would never let those fans see that we were so desperate to celebrate SOMETHING that we were actually rooting for their team.


And then it happened. In 1996 we came back, and came back with a vengeance, winning the first AL East title in 15 years. 

From there, we had 5 Championship seasons in 13 years and got to watch legends like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera play night after night to both glory and failure – but it was dazzling baseball. Our hopes and dreams of a dynasty were catapulted into the stratosphere with every W, like a fastball off of the bat of The Captain himself. There were also times where hearts broke across the city, the sighs of weary fans echoing in the streets. However, they brought it home in stellar form in 2000 against the Mets in the famed Subway Series, where households were divided between the pinstripes and the orange and blue. Their star continued to rise in the aughts but has since fallen and it has been 12 long years since they have seen a World Series win. Fans are thirsty for a title and broken by this drought, starting to feel like it is a curse. Every time our hopes rise in October, they’re dashed away and our hearts get broken.

But for the last few weeks we have been watching Aaron Judge’s quest for Roger Maris‘ AL single-season homerun record with unbridled enthusiasm. It has been memorable to witness but it isn’t a championship ring from the Fall Classic. We need the Bronx Bombers to give us a glimmer of hope and go all the way. I cannot go to family Thanksgiving and listen to my nephew gloat about how the Boston Red Sox have won a title twice since 2009 and we have not.

So, let’s take the series back to New York, brush ourselves off, be Reggie Jackson and give our kids the feeling of what it is like to win it all – for old time sake.

Lifelong Yankee Fan, No Matter What


Find all of the best New York Yankees and MLB League Championship Series Team and Player memorabilia today at SportsCollectibles.com! From autographed baseball jerseys to signed baseballs and baseball bats and helmets – you can build the ultimate baseball fan cave today! Be sure to check out our custom framing options for jerseys and photos and acrylic baseball cases to store your prized memorabilia from the diamond.

This post brought to you by Sports Collectibles Blog Dog, Shimmer!

-Shimmer is an all-around sports lover. Her and her hooman mom love all things NYC including baseball and the food. Shimmy is well known for chasing her mom Fancie around the house and having a larger-than-a-yorkie bark. Don’t even think of taking anything out of her mouth!

How We Custom Frame Your Autographed Memorabilia

Here at SportsCollectibles.com, we are proud to say we have some of the best professional framers in the business. They are literally artists. Day in and day out, they do an amazing job getting custom-framed items to our customers in a timely fashion with the same quality of some of the industry’s best, if not BETTER. An autographed memorabilia purchase can be a big investment and you want to be sure that you are protecting that investment while displaying it in a manner worthy of an art gallery or museum. That is where our custom framing department comes in.

Find an Item to Frame

After you’ve selected your autographed jersey or photograph, if the item has the option to be framed, it will have a FRAME THIS ITEM button on the item page. Clicking on that will reveal the choices available for framing your item. Select your preference, add to your cart, complete the purchase and after the order comes in to our system- the magic begins.

The Framing Process

The whole process starts with quality wood selected by our framers. They then cut, bond and shape the wood to create the frame that will house your autographed photo, jersey or other sports memorabilia item that you purchase or send to us. Color-coordinating matting is then matched to your item to make sure it really pops. Once the perfect colors are chosen, the board is then cut to fit a wide variety of extra pieces within the frame, from pictures and logos to name plates and other accessories that may be included, depending on the type of framing selected. Next comes the layout of your item within the frame – putting all of the pieces together like a puzzle master creating a masterpiece. When the elements are arranged to perfection, the framers put the board into the frame and seal it shut. The final touch is to attach the sturdy wire on the back for you to hang and display your new piece of art in the home or office and make it a conversation starter for all who pass by.

So if you are looking to get an item framed, whether it has sentimental value or you just want to display it for all to see and marvel at, head to SportsCollectibles.com to peruse our wide variety of framing options to create the perfect way to display your memorabilia or the ultimate gift for your favorite sports fan.

We also offer our framing services for items you may already own. Please contact us directly for details at 800-793-9793, M-F 9am – 5pm Eastern time, or learn more on our website here.

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Autographed Autographed 8×10 Photos

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