How We Custom Frame Your Autographed Memorabilia

Here at, we are proud to say we have some of the best professional framers in the business. They are literally artists. Day in and day out, they do an amazing job getting custom-framed items to our customers in a timely fashion with the same quality of some of the industry’s best, if not BETTER. An autographed memorabilia purchase can be a big investment and you want to be sure that you are protecting that investment while displaying it in a manner worthy of an art gallery or museum. That is where our custom framing department comes in.

Find an Item to Frame

After you’ve selected your autographed jersey or photograph, if the item has the option to be framed, it will have a FRAME THIS ITEM button on the item page. Clicking on that will reveal the choices available for framing your item. Select your preference, add to your cart, complete the purchase and after the order comes in to our system- the magic begins.

The Framing Process

The whole process starts with quality wood selected by our framers. They then cut, bond and shape the wood to create the frame that will house your autographed photo, jersey or other sports memorabilia item that you purchase or send to us. Color-coordinating matting is then matched to your item to make sure it really pops. Once the perfect colors are chosen, the board is then cut to fit a wide variety of extra pieces within the frame, from pictures and logos to name plates and other accessories that may be included, depending on the type of framing selected. Next comes the layout of your item within the frame – putting all of the pieces together like a puzzle master creating a masterpiece. When the elements are arranged to perfection, the framers put the board into the frame and seal it shut. The final touch is to attach the sturdy wire on the back for you to hang and display your new piece of art in the home or office and make it a conversation starter for all who pass by.

So if you are looking to get an item framed, whether it has sentimental value or you just want to display it for all to see and marvel at, head to to peruse our wide variety of framing options to create the perfect way to display your memorabilia or the ultimate gift for your favorite sports fan.

We also offer our framing services for items you may already own. Please contact us directly for details at 800-793-9793, M-F 9am – 5pm Eastern time, or learn more on our website here.

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