Lamar Jackson Signature Lasts Forever

Move over mini helmets, jerseys and footballs, body autographs are all the rage now. A presumably diehard Baltimore Ravens fan was one of the lucky fans to have an opportunity to acquire a Lamar Jackson signature following the Ravens win Sunday. The fan decided his forearm was the best place to get Lamar’s autograph and Lamar penned his “LJ #8” moniker on a fan’s arm. Two days later, the image of signature is making its round on the social media stratosphere. The fan who should be known as “Signature Steve” made the ink permanent at a local tattoo shop. Other stories have been reported this season of superfans getting trace tattoos of their favorite athlete’s autograph. I think it goes without saying that Lamar Jackson’s signature is one of the hottest in the NFL right now.

Would you ever get your favorite celebrity of athlete’s signature tattooed on you?